servers have a guaranteed 99.99% uptime which is among the best in the world. All our availability solutions have you covered.  
  Manage your account (create email/ftp accounts, mailing list,  


website statistics, databases...etc) all via user-friendly web-based control panel.  
  We offer an absolute commitment to make quality products that are also cost-effective. Our hardware is of the highest standard, designed and built on site by our skilled team of technicians we can guarantee long term reliability and and unrivaled service rarely available from a webhost.  
  RHCE & MSCE trained technicals are available on standby 24hours x 7days a week x 365days a year so you wont be alone if you have problems.  
  200 Mb disk space
  3000 Mb data transfer
  Money back guarantee
  300 Mb disk transfer
  5000 Mb data transfer
  Money back guarantee
  400 Mb disk space
  7000 Mb disk transfer
  Money back guarantee
  Improve your site with our NEW search engine tools!!
  Now you own your personalized email address!! Wait no more and find out about this new services offer. You can access your email account from any browser.
  We installs intrusion detection and prevention tools to prevent hacking and abuse.
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